Blood vessels and other structures in the mediastinum

TR Trachea TG Thyroid Gland AOA Arch of Aorta SMA Superior Mesenteric Artery DIA Diaphragm OES Oesophagus LCCA Left common carotid artery DA Descending Aorta AZV Azygous vein LSA Left Subclavian artery LBR Left bronchus THD Thoracic duct COET Coeliac trunk IMA Inferior mesenteric artery LCIA Left common iliac artery RCIA Right common iliac artery RENA Renal artery GSPN Greater splanchnic nerve RSYC Right sympathetic chain PIVN Posterior intercostal vessels and nerves RBR Right bronchus BRT Brachiocephalic trunk RSA Right subclavian artery